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Aug 20, 2013 9:30am EDT
son hÉroes en texas. >>> hermano, quiÉn iba a decir que ellos iban a espantar a un ladrÓn que tenÍa armas en sus manos, quÉ increÍble. >>> correcto. >>> yo tenÍa dos malteces, son ladradores agresivos y fuertes. >>> no sÉ si honey nos puede salvar la vida, es tranquila y pasiva. >>> lo que dice honey que estÁ enamorada de esos perros son sus hÉroes. >>> vÁmonos. >>> los hÉroes perrunos. (risas) >>> bueno. buenÍsima la noticia, quÉ mÁs tienes compadre. >>> saludos a salma y rally mis perritos que los quiero mucho. y es el dÍa nacional del locutor en estados unidos. >>> felicidades compadre. >>> felicidades,>>> y no solamente los locutores jhonny y luis, a la gente que trabaja en radio, ventas, trÁfico, promociones, programaciÓn que hacen posible que cada uno en su estaciÓn de radio disfrute de esto, les cuento la historia como se iniciÓ en estados unidos, el dÍa de la radio, bueno, la primera emisora de carÁcter regular, informativo, en estados unidos, fue en detroit, aquÍ en estados unidos, en el aÑo de 1920 un dÍa 20 de agosto, hoy 20 de agosto, aquÍ en estado
Aug 30, 2013 8:30pm PDT
, rick perry texas, governor, marco rubio, donald trump, real estate mogel. >> who on this list is the top gop nomination? >> the answer is jeb bush. you're not going to see immediately, scrambling on the right. republicans tend to respect seniority. florida and the rest will come back. >> you know whose leading in the polls now don't you? >> of course, i do. look at somebody like rand paul or jeb bush or donald trump. >> chris christy's got to get past the right wing. quite simply, i think he and jeb are both in the race, so will ted cruz and rand paul. chris christy's in favor of gun control, and the other he has his arm around president obama. he said -- he's an eastern republican. he comes across as a liberal. to the tea party people, he does. >> many republicans -- i'm sure he does, to some republicans. he and jeb bush are the two main likely candidates. i think those are the -- i'm not supporting anybody. keeping the neutral position of the journalist. >> i disagree. i think the top two candidates right now are ted cruz and rand paul. clearance is very well correct. jeb bu
Aug 23, 2013 8:30pm PDT
texas and north carolina doing everything they can to suppress the vote of african americans and hispanics we've got a race problem. obviously if you look at that poll it's telling what you say we already know. there are people in power, particularly in the south, in the red states that feel that people of color are taking something from them that they believe inherently belongs to them. >> people don't -- people don't give up power easily. >> do you think college admission should be based on diversity? >> yeah, i mean, i think lots of factors go into diversity. race can be one of them. >> you are in the minority. only 28%. >> should be based on excellence, john. >> the supreme court agrees with me. >> just like the nfl. whoever is the best player plays. and whoever does best academically should be advanced. >> the question i have, one of the things i always say, because i think you can measure diversity in a lot of ways but i think there's an argument to be said the greatest affirmative action program in the country is being born white. there is a natural assumption when you
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)